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Under the motto “Your partner in time” we are your partner when it comes to the secure delivery of goods and packages between Romania, Germany, Italy and Eastern Europe – Bulgaria, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland.

With us, the suitable and flexible logistics and transport solutions for a safe shipment of goods are obvious. With our complete solutions, we offer our customers the quality and guarantee of a future partnership.

Benefit from the following delivery and logistics services:

  • TRANSPORT Regular and express deliveries, within 24-36 hours between Germany – Romania – EU with solutions for consolidated deliveries as well as partial and complete solutions.
  • LOGISTICS Consolidation, warehousing, packaging according to customer requirements, using the Contransport logistics platform;
  • PARCEL SERVICE Door-to-door, Germany – Romania – EU, guaranteed shipping time and optimal price-performance ratio;
  • FULFILLMENT, Complete logistics from customer order, (OMS) integration into your platform, product tracking throughout the entire process, processing of returns, targeted support.

Transport Goods

Ask comfortably and without obligation for an offer for your range of goods. Just-in-time delivery, collective delivery, partial or complete delivery with the obligation to receive an optimal price offer on the same day.

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Transport Packages

Calculate quickly and easily the final price for your parcel delivery, with no hidden costs. You will only find the optimal price-performance ratio with us.


Our Locations



We offer our complete services at 6 locations, all of which are strategically located. We also manage to be close to our partners as a team.


Express Transport

We have the necessary experience to be a partner who is a real support for the automotive and electronics industry, where time is the key factor.



Germany, Romania, Italy, The Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, France, Spain, Portugal, England, Ireland, Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia, Poland, Croatia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria
are our daily destinations for the transport of your goods.


Intra-community experience

We have learned new things every year and have grown. We have arrived at the point where transport and intra-Community logistics do not provide any further steps unknown to us.