• eFulfillment

    We ensure complete eFulfillment services for eCommerce customers under the motto "Logistics made in Germany";
  • Monitoring

    You can track the status of each order, product and create separate reports online;
  • Returns

    We ensure the complete logistics for returns: video control, repacking, customer information, garbage disposal, return shipment.
  • Optimized solutions

    We evaluate each customer and offer you the most cost-effective solution according to your desired performance characteristics;
  • Speed

    We ensure collection and delivery of orders within 24 hours in Germany, Italy and Romania.
  • Warranty

    The included insurance and a 24/7 monitoring system guarantee the safety of the goods stored in our warehouse;
  • Inventory

    The possibility of a personalised inventory - complete, partial or even at product level.
  • Online Management System

    The OMS platform allows you to place orders, generate inventory, reorder kit packaging and other tasks specific to your warehouse.