What you have to do? Easy as pie!

Order Online

Order on-line the desired products from your Amazon or eBay Germany account.

Add a new delivery address

Add a new delivery address to your customer account. This will be the address of our warehouse in Augsburg, Germany:
“Your name”, Contransport
Am Mittleren Moos 19, 86167, Augsburg, Germany


Complete the order on Amazon or eBay Germany

Inform us

Inform us about your order/orders at colet@contransport.ro and send us the full destination address in Romania.


Make the payment of the transport performed by us through any of the methods provided by Contransport (bank transfer, card payment or refund payment in Romania)


You will be informed when the package arrives in our warehouse in Augsburg, Germany.
Within 3 days, the package will be delivered to the final destination in Romania.

Package weight Prices in EURO Prices in RON
up to 3 kg 12,40 60,00
up to 10 kg 16,90 83,00
up to 20 kg 23,40 115,00
up to 30 kg 29,40 145,00

*The maximum dimensions for a package are: 100x50x50cm, max. 30 kg

*If the mentioned dimensions are not met for larger products, please contact us at the email address:



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