You will be able to use the benefits of the Amazon platform and at the same time optimize your costs significantly, but at the same time have total control over the entire process


With the FBA program, you’ll need to send your inventory directly to Amazon and from there, they manage end-customer shipments on your behalf. Products must be delivered to Amazon in compliance with strict rules.

Failure to comply with these rules may result in unnecessary fees for you, so it is important to prepare your products in a way that meets FBA requirements 100% of the time. With Contransport you can deliver the goods without appointment in the form of packaging you want.

The FBA program tends to be ideal for companies if their products have a quick sale and/or items are small or expensive. FBA is also recommended for sellers who do not have the workforce to fulfill orders smoothly and efficiently.

Advantages of FBA

  • Delivery to the Contransport warehouses without unload appointment
  • Higher sales potential with improved visibility in search results
  • Customer service, returns and shipping are all processed by Contransport
  • Better conversions because people prefer to buy products that come from FBA
  • Convenience with stock storage

With the FBM program, you list your products on Amazon, but leave the entire process of handling, order fulfillment and shipping and return operations to our care.

By avoiding the high handling costs of Amazon, you reduce costs through us, using our resources to store, package and ship orders directly to buyers. With our service you have time to list your products while dealing with the rest of your business operations.

FBM is usually recommended for sellers who sell large or heavy items and/or products that do not have a fast turnover.

Advantages of FBM

  • Delivery to the Contransport warehouses without unload appointment
  • Simplified order tracking
  • Ability to deliver offline and online orders from the same warehouse
  • Generally, better margins
  • Better control over business operations as a whole