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Contransport is part of the logistics of Augsburg International group, one of the largest car parts distributors in Romania, founded more than 25 years ago, with 1 central warehouse, 3 regional distribution centers and 36 regional warehouses in Romania. For several years now, Contransport has developed logistics and e-fulfillment services dedicated to ecommerce and retail customers, through its warehouses in Germany and Romania.

We provide complete warehousing and logistics services through the warehouses we have in Romania and Germany. We offer our customers unique, customised solutions for optimizing their logistics flow. We receive, store, pack, sort and deliver your products in maximum safety and taking into account the highest quality standards.

Logistics solutions for e-commerce

We offer logistics services suitable for online shops. We help e-commerce businesses to develop, offering a wide range of solutions from simple storage to integrated e-fulfillment solutions, through automated WMS (Warehouse Management System).

Logistics solutions for retail

We provide storage services both at pallet level and at parcel or SKU level, packaging and shipping services according to specific requirements. The outsourcing of storage services ensures an optimal level and turnover of stocks, as well as a more efficient management.


We offer warehousing services with full flexibility, according to your needs. We are ready for any warehousing solution from temporary short-term warehousing to complete outsourcing of logistics and warehousing services.

Secure storage

Our facilities meet high security requirements and are certified to the highest standards. Your goods are tracked without interruption with the help of a video monitoring system and by ensuring the permanent guarding of the warehouses.

Automation – Integration with the WMS system

Our warehouse management system ensures full control over the handling and storage of materials in the warehouse and in your supply chain. The automation and the integration with e-commerce platforms will increase the process efficiency.

Logistics consulting and professional services

We offer consulting in finding the best solution for you, so that by outsourcing logistics services, warehousing or e-fulfillment processes you will increase your efficiency and flexibility and you will be able to focus on basic activities and business development.

Why choose logistics services provided by Contransport?

Outsourcing of logistics and warehousing services

Customised solutions, adapted to your needs.

E-fulfillment solutions

Retail solutions

Optimization of logistics costs

Efficient management system through our own application, MyOrders

With the help of MyOrders application you have real-time access to your stocks, orders and deliveries as well as the possibility to generate complete reports and information. At the same time, delivery and inventory errors will be eliminated.

Advantages offered by MyOrders application

  • Integration with online stores
  • Create customer account in the application
  • Real-time viewing of product stocks
  • Real-time tracking of the reception of products in the warehouse
  • Tracking the processing of delivery and shipping orders to the final recipient
  • Returns management tracking
  • Generate specific reports

We offer professional, value-added logistics solutions

Depending on the product, needs and requirements, we offer the following professional logistics services:

  • Short, medium and long term storage
  • Consolidation
  • Deconsolidation
  • E-fulfillment
  • Packing, repackaging, labeling, barcode application
  • Process per piece / per box / per pallet
  • Returns management and shelf allocation
  • Inventory
  • Generate periodic reports
  • Tracking goods throughout the logistic flow

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Warehouses in Romania and Germany

  • Warehouse, built according to European standards;
  • Usable storage area: 2765 sqm
  • Heating system, ventilation, lights
  • Loading / unloading ramp, 4×4 m sectional door, drive-in cargo access
  • Storage capacity, both at pallet level and at product / SKU level, on medium or long term
  • ISU authorization, fire protection with hydrant and sprinkler extinguishing system, smoke hatches
  • Permanent guard
  • WMS system that allows monitoring of stocks and orders in real time
  • Location – Bucharest, Gara Progresului Business & Logistic Center

  • Storage area: 8000 sqm
  • Interior height: 4.60 m – 6.20 m
  • Floor loading capacity: 1.5 to / sqm – 5.0 to / sqm
  • Alarm system
  • Fire detection alarm
  • 2 freight elevators with a capacity of 4.0 tons
  • Office spaces