E-fulfillment is our specialty, so the online store remains your priority!

Complete e-fulfillment services

Taking over products in our own warehouses, preparation for delivery, packaging, labeling, delivery, shipping notifications, return processing, payment management.

Competitive prices

We manage to offer competitive prices for e-fulfillment services due to our experience of over 20 years in transport and logistics. Furthermore, we have warehouses in 2 countries, our own transport fleet and partnerships with international transport companies.


The goods are stored in spaces with high-performance installations, 24/7 monitoring, warehouses in Romania and Germany.

Automation – Integration with the WMS system

Goods management in the warehouse and order processing is realized through an automated system, using WMS (Warehouse Management System).
We ensure the integration with the e-commerce platform and with the courier companies.

Transparency – monitoring

Possibility to view and process orders online on our platform, AWB Tracking, 24/7 access to view in real time the stock, order status or other necessary reports.

We are fast

We ensure fast delivery through our own car fleet and with the support of our partners – renowned international courier companies.

National and international coverage

We offer e-fulfillment services through our warehouses in Romania and Germany, with possibilities to deliver at competitive prices in Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Austria, Germany, Italy, Spain, Poland.

Customised and optimised solutions

We analyze each client and offer the most suitable solution according to the requested performance indices.


With our insurances and our 24h/7 monitoring system, we guarantee the safety of the goods stored in our warehouses and on the entire transport flow.

Discover fast and easy the estimated price for e-fulfillment services

Free storage depending on the number of packages processed per month.

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Complete e-Fulfillment services under the motto “Logistics made in Germany”

Fast and customised services can make a difference for you and your clients


Analysis and customisation of e-fulfillment services

Analysis and customisation of e-fulfillment services and prices

Signing e-fulfillment contract.

Receipt of products in the Contransport warehouses

Receipt of products in the Contransport warehouses

Reception of the stock, products verification and their distribution on the shelves are in our care.

Customers place orders in the online store

When customers order from your site, we receive the information and take care of the order processing operations.

Order processing

Order processing

We take the orders, identify, pack, label the packages for delivery, issue AWBs and send packages to couriers.

Delivery of orders

Delivery of orders

The packages are delivered safely to your customers with time and money savings. We process the payments, the returns and we put back in stock the returned goods.


Warehouse management system through MyOrders application

With MyOrders application you have real-time access to your stocks, orders and deliveries, as well as the possibility of generating reports and complete information related to your products. At the same time, delivery and inventory errors will be eliminated.

Advantages offered by MyOrders application

  • Customer account in the application
  • Real-time stock product
  • Real-time monitoring of the reception of products in the warehouse
  • Tracking the processing of delivery orders
  • Manage returns
  • Generating specific reports
  • Integration with online shops
E-commerce supported platforms


We make sure that your products reach customers in the shortest time and in the best conditions

Delivery time for all routes is 24-48h


Quality and speed through strategic placements, closer to customers


Bucharest, Romania

Bucharest Warehouse

  • Storage area: 2,000 sqm
  • 4 ramps
  • Shelf and block storage
  • Floor storage possible
  • Fire detection alarm
  • ISU approval
Augsburg, Germania

Augsburg Warehouse

  • Storage area: 1200 m²
  • Interior height: 4.60 m – 6.20 m
  • Floor loading capacity: 1.5 to / sqm – 5.0 to / sqm
  • Alarm system
  • Fire detection alarm
  • Office space


E-fulfillment services save time and money and offer you multiple advantages:

  • you no longer need to hire staff to process orders
  • the possibility of expanding the business to other markets
  • reduced investment costs in technology that is needed for packing, labeling, inventory, order monitoring
  • avoid problems with storage capacity and managing products when orders increase
  • you no longer have to deal with the costs for renting the storage spaces
  • you save time for processing the returns
  • non-stop delivery, even when you are away
  • avoid fixed costs in times of crisis and benefit from flexible costs, adjusted to sales volume
  • you gain time to promote your business and get new customers